People apply to ELSA Winter (and summer) Law Schools for multiple reasons. Some are really into the topic of the school, some want to meet new people from all over Europe and some just simply wish to travel and see new places. For me it was combination of all of those things.
The topic of the Winter Law School in Innsbruck was sports law. The Organizing Committee had managed to catch some of the top professionals from this field to come and share their knowledge and experiences with us. The lecturers came from different backgrounds – national sport federation, Olympic movement, anti-doping, sports arbitration etc. One of my favorite parts of the academic program was a small moot court simulation lead by two arbitrators from the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS). Of course nobody can become an expert within just one week, but these kinds of schools offer a great opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight of the topic.
ELSA Law Schools are not all about studying. Major part of the experience is the social program and getting to know law students from all over Europe, sometimes even further. In Innsbruck we had people from 18 different nationalities, one even from Brazil. Together with the group we had many memorable moments throughout the week. The Organizing Committee had planned activities for every night of the week so it was impossible to feel bored. Medieval dinner, skiing trip, pub crawl and much more. The highlight of the week for me was – hands down – an igloo party on top of the Alps where you could see the whole Innsbruck by night.
I would recommend ELSA Winter (as well as summer) Law Schools to every law student who has a possibility to apply. Financial side should not be a huge issue since I ended up paying around 400€ for the whole week (this includes everything: accommodation, food, lectures, travelling etc.). Furthermore, your local ELSA group might give a little support for a good cause. Typically it is not possible to get credits from ELSA Law Schools, but you can definitely enhance your CV with some international experience and of course have a greatest week of your life!

–  Johanna Puukka

ELSA member and a Law Student from the University of Helsinki