The European Law Students’ Association

With 42,000 members ELSA is the world’s largest independent law students’ association. ELSA provides opportunities for international exchange, diversified legal education and personal professional development for law students and young lawyers. Our members are law students and recent graduates who have an academic focus and have demonstrated commitment to international issues.

ELSA operates primarily through its Local Groups, which are located at nearly 300 law faculties in universities throughout 42 countries in Europe.

”A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity.”

ELSA Finland

ELSA Finland is a national group of the ELSA network and it has four local groups:

National Board 2016 – 2017

President: Jarl-Johan Héde, president@elsafinland .fi
Secretary General: Arlene Eräheimo, secretary@elsafinland .fi
Treasurer: Milla Favén, treasurer@elsafinland .fi
VP Marketing: Essi Salmela, marketing@elsafinland .fi
VP Academic Activities: Annikaisa Kinnunen, academic@elsafinland .fi
VP Moot Court Competitions: Tytti Sirkeinen, mootcourt@elsafinland .fi
VP Seminars & Conferences: Maria Karpathakis, seminars@elsafinland .fi
VP STEP: Susanna Hakala, step@elsafinland .fi